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Netherlands Maritime University

Netherlands Maritime University

Netherlands Maritime University


Netherlands Maritime University is a specialized training and educational institute for the maritime industry. NMU offers a Master of Science in Shipping and Transport, a management program for port and shipping professionals. This program is provided in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Sohar, Sultanate of Oman. STC-Group is a worldwide strategic combination of well-established education, training, research, consultancy and implementation service providers for the entire shipping, port, transport, and logistics chain as well as for the port-related oil and chemical industry. STC-Group is renowned for its unique simulator park which forms a vital part of STC-Group's didactical model. Over 4,500 students are participating in vocational, Bachelor's and Master's programs. Home base of STC-Group is Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The STC-Group has developed knowledge hubs in Vietnam, Philippines, South-Africa, Oman, and Brazil.


  • Rotterdam

    Netherlands Maritime University PO Box 63140

    • Sohar

      P.O. Box 532