A business administration degree can provide students with a variety of career paths ranging from public policy to international finance to banking. The Accounting, Business Management, Finance, and Economics Departments offer a 33-credit master of science degree in business administration with five options for specialization: economic analysis, global business, accounting, general business, business intelligence and data analysis.

Option one is more flexible and allows students to explore different areas of economics including health economics, public finance and public policy, and international trade. Option two is more focused and is expressly for students with an interest in global business. It includes courses in global finance and management, international economics and finance, bargaining and conflict resolution, global business environment, and international human resource management.

Option three is for students with an interest in accounting. An undergraduate degree in accounting is not required. However, this option is only open to students who have taken Accounting 2001, 3001, 3011, 3021, and 3101(introductory accounting, managerial accounting, financial accounting, and income taxation) or the equivalent.

Option four is a more flexible major for those interested in general business. It is of interest to those who may have had previous undergraduate or graduate coursework in business and want to obtain a general business degree and also to those who never previously had such coursework and want to obtain a business degree. It can be customized by the student to the student's interest in a broad range of business topics.

Option five is for students interested in a career in applied statistical analysis or business analytics.

All applicants must have undergraduate courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, statistics, and calculus.

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