This program is a research and theory based program that emphasizes the connection between theory and practice. The curriculum examines the environments and impact of electronic media from social, political, cultural and economic perspectives. Students gain in-depth knowledge of the television and radio industries, emerging digital media industries, media literacy, and key critical, theoretical and research perspectives on media broadly. The program prepares students to apply their education in a variety of professional positions or to continue their education by enrolling in a doctoral program.

Matriculation requirements

Applicants must offer a well-rounded undergraduate record of at least a 3.0 GPA that suggests promise of success in the program. Each applicant's record is considered individually in this respect. Applicants must submit an essay about contemporary media and society, which can be an original essay written to accompany the application, or a 5 - 10 page scholarly paper that was written as an undergraduate. Alternatively, applicants may submit a scholarly paper in any subject related to their undergraduate major.

Applicants must submit the Graduate Record Examination Aptitude Test score or the Miller Analogy Test Score. International applicants are required to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of at least 580 on the paper-based test or 237 on the computer-based test or 92 on the internet-based test, before being considered for admission.

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Start Date
ก.ย. 2020
Start Date
ก.ย. 2020

ก.ย. 2020

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