The M.S. in information systems is designed for students who elect to focus on the use of computer systems to manage business and administrative operations and issues.

The program provides preparation for a wide variety of positions within the constantly expanding fields of information systems and technology, including computer systems software engineer, computer applications software engineer, computer systems analyst, database administrator, and network systems and data communication analyst. All of these positions appear in the ten top salaried jobs in the Bureau of Labor Statistics list of the thirty fastest growing jobs, projected through 2014. The program also prepares students for doctoral studies or research work in the field.

A student whose first degree was in an area other than computer science area can take undergraduate prerequisite courses at Brooklyn College to prepare for the master's program. All graduate courses are offered in the evening, making it convenient to combine work with study. A wide variety of courses are available in such fields as information systems, artificial intelligence, networks, multimedia, database systems, algorithms and problem solving, and many others. Our faculty members have published widely in all of these fields, and many are recognized experts in their areas.

Matriculation requirements

Applicants are expected to have the equivalent of at least 18 credits in computer and information science and related areas, including all of the following: knowledge of a high-level computer language (preferably C++ or Java), knowledge of assembly language and computer architecture, a course in discrete structures, a course in data structures, a course in calculus, and a course in probability and statistics. Students who do not have all of these requirements can be accepted with the condition that they complete these courses at the undergraduate level.

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Start Date
ก.ย. 2020
Start Date
ก.ย. 2020

ก.ย. 2020

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