Richfield University


Richfield University is an independent higher education institution and is a part of the Richfield Technology, a domestic corporation incorporated under the laws of the States of California. Richfield University is proudly located in the City of Woodland Hills, State of California, approximately twenty-five miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

Richfield University is committed to promoting diversity and global awareness for the advocacy of peace and world welfare. We highly welcome international students and are committed to serving a diverse multicultural body of students and scholars in an atmosphere that promotes pride, respect, and teamwork. Our students and scholars come from different ethnic and community backgrounds.

Richfield University's programs and initiatives strive to recognize the value of respect for diversity and global citizenship and cooperation. Richfield's learning community provides a learning climate that recognizes the value of originality and diversity, the richness of diverse thinking and dialog, the value of offering alternative perspectives and solutions, and the effectiveness of developing focused instructional content that will serve the needs of individual learners and their respected communities.



Richfield University
20855 Ventura Blvd. Suite 16.

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