From day one, the history of NYU Stern (New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business) has mirrored that of the city to which it is so closely tied. NYU’s business school was founded just over 100 years ago to provide business training to the sons and daughters of immigrants. Today, the Leonard N. Stern School of Business is at the forefront of business education in America and the world.

NYU Stern Values

At NYU Stern, we have shaped an environment that nurtures forward-thinking leaders. We have created the richest environment for learning business in the country by our commitment to 4 values.

* Academic Excellence

We believe that excellence comes not from knowing the right answers but in asking the right questions. With one of the largest and best faculties in the world, our students develop not only a deeper set of skills but a broader perspective of the role of business in the world.

* IQ + EQ

We value both IQ and EQ and shape a community with people who have both intellectual and interpersonal strengths.

* Collaborative Community

We believe in the value of our uniquely collaborative community and provide an abundance of leadership opportunities, team roles, clubs and cohorts to foster a culture of collaborative learning and doing.

* The Energy Of A Global Hub

We believe in integrating the energy of New York into our academic culture. We leverage the proximity to business and the cultural riches of NYC in creative and innovative ways.

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