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International House is a world leader in teaching the English language to adults, teenagers and kids around the world.

Our first school, IH Bangkok was founded in 1999 and has already helped thousands of students reach their potential in English. We are proud of the distinction we have earned as one of Thailand’s most respected independent English language schools, maintaining the outstanding International House reputation.

Quality Location

IH Bangkok is located in the lively surroundings of Silom Road in the heart of Bangkok’s Central Business District, just 5 minutes gentle walk from the beautiful 140-acre Lumpini Park.

Bangkok is fast becoming one of the top destinations for people wishing to learn English, thanks to Thailand’s reputation for extending a warm, friendly welcome to visitors. Bangkok offers visitors a fascinating blend of the exotic east meeting the modern west. Bright new shopping malls and skyscrapers stand next to open-air markets and ancient temples. So, the choice is yours:

  • From bartering for Thai silk in open-air markets to choosing the latest fashion from elite brands in modern shopping malls.
  • From experimenting with delicious Thai street food to tasting ‘high tea’ at the Shangri-La hotel.
  • From watching the sunset over Wat Arun to experiencing the latest Hollywood blockbuster at the Paragon IMAX cinema.


Quality Teachers

At IH Bangkok, all our teachers:

  • Are native English speakers.
  • Are at least Cambridge CELTA or Trinity TESOL qualified.
  • Have a bachelor degree from a reputable university in an English speaking country.
  • Are experienced in teaching English to all ages, abilities and nationalities.

Quality Courses

As the leading Cambridge English teacher training centre in Asia, our team of highly experienced professionals can deliver the perfect English courses designed to suit your needs and ability:

  • General English 15 – 15 hours a week consisting of grammar, reading, listening, vocabulary and speaking (accuracy and fluency) with a focus on communication.
  • General English 25 – Combining General English 15 with a further 10 hours designed to help your fluency and confidence in order to speak English as a native speaker would.
  • Business English 25 – Combining General English 15 with a further 10 hours focusing on business-related skills such as negotiating, presenting, telephone English and emailing to help you succeed with English in the workplace.
  • IELTS 25 – Combining General English 15 with a further 10 hours dedicated to preparation for IELTS to help you achieve the IELTS success you need.
  • Private or Small Group courses, targeted at your ability and customized to meet your needs, are available on request.

Since we are based in Thailand, many of our classes have students from a range of backgrounds and nationalities. Learning with so many different types of students creates a classroom environment full of fun, interesting, and effective activities.

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ที่อยู่ 7th Floor, Silom 64 Building, Silom Road, Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok
10500 Bangkok, ประเทศไทย